Welcome to Handog Aral Inc.

Handog Aral BrochureSince its conception from casual email exchanges among a handful of PCWHS alumni in 2005, Handog-Aral, Inc. (HAI) has grown and made great leaps in pursuit of making a difference in the lives of others. HAI’s extraordinary achievements and many significant events are relished on by its members, the HAImates, across the seas-- across the web.

Though separated by great distances and disorienting time zones, HAImates are solid as one strongly united marching force—whether in fulfilling its mission or in times of heartwarming celebrations. Modern technology truly has made ours a very small yet a far-reaching and interconnected world.

Thank you for visiting our webite. We are happy to give you an exciting tour and show you the wonderful world of HAI. We hope you will enjoy your visit.